UN Member for human rights in Gaza cries live on TV after just seeing kids die in a Israeli bombing

Living to help other disabled people, and people in need, Change the sign!! And Earth

These Children have loveThese Children have love

I write and write about this, every other day I post new videos with my thoughts on what Israel does to Gaza. I try not to share items from other media, sometimes I do but mix it up and make it my own. Have I cried over this? Yeah, many times. When you see an image like the one above, or worse, there is an automatic human response that triggers pain, painful tears. If you as a human being don’t feel this, you have your head in the sand and you care not a jot, not a bit about our World. You are evil, self serving people, you follow religions and books blindly in the same way you follow Israel, an Israel who are becoming less and less liked. Countries are stopping travel to Israel all over. This video I spotted on a forum, it is…

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